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Background and History Scott

Scott Groleske (aka: Scott Baxter) has been spinning discs since the late '70's.
Living in Japan, (while in the service of our great country by way of the United States Air Force) the disco craze was in full swing and BIG in Japan, not to mention single G.I.s a long way from home! Frequenting various dance clubs both on and off base, Scott enjoyed watching the different styles and personalities of the deejays. Realizing that living in the electronics capitol of the world was a great opportunity to acquire awesome equipment at a much reduced price, Scott set off on a journey that continues today. Scott brought this newfound love back to his hometown of Aurora, IL - yeah, Wayne's World, same place.

Back then, deejay's were rarely seen doing wedding receptions, graduations, parties and the like. Wedding bands could still get gigs besides the local bowling alley (Ah, the "good ole days").

Well, Scott was always one to take advantage of a good situation and make it even better for all involved. Since it was more economical for someone to pay just one deejay instead of a whole band, and since a deejay has more control over the music (volume, selection, original artists, etc.), it was an easy sell.

Eventually, Scott started working with various groups to promote music produced by Christian artists with family values and a consciousness for edifying our lives through the use of music (instead of tearing others down, spewing out hate, and promoting drugs and immoral sex).

This led him to Solid Rock Ministries. Working with Jerry LaSure, Ed Lomnicki and Jerry Simandle, Scott went "on the air" as the lead radio personality on the Solid Rock Saturday Nite program broadcast over WJKL, 94.3 FM in Elgin, IL.

To be continued...

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