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New Service Offering!

CarTunes Mobile DJ Service is the proud parent of...

"The CarTunes Karaoke Show"

We've listened to your requests and added karaoke to our line up of great offerings.

Karaoke is the ultimate interactive service that opens up the stage to you and your guests to be the stars of the show!

CarTunes Karaoke offers a wide variety of musical styles for you to choose from. Just browse though the songbook, select a familiar tune, write your name and song title on the provided slips, give them to your karaoke host and listen for your name to be called. Then sing the lyrics as they are displayed on screen and BINGO!

You're the Star of the Show!

Give your next event that personal, interactive thrill for you and your guests. You'll have a blast and they will too!
You never know, the next "American Idol" could be discovered at your very own karaoke party!


Find out where you can see "The CarTunes Karaoke Show" in action...join the "CarTunes Karaoke Show" facebook group and follow on Twitter (@cartunesdj).

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